What We Do


McClelland Marketing, Inc. is a full-service manufacturer’s representative agency; serving the construction equipment rental and supply business within the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Southern Illinois.


Manufacturer’s representatives work directly for manufacturers as territory sales managers. When a customer buys from a manufacturer’s representative, their purchases are made directly from the manufacturer, but they are serviced by the representative


Our job is to provide support to the companies within our territory that rent or sell construction equipment and supplies to the homeowners and contractors. Our support provides our customers everything they need to be successful with the sales and/or rental of the products manufactured by the companies we represent. Sales and service training, on site demonstrations, lead referrals, and never ending support from every one at McClelland Marketing is only part of our full-service program. Our entire team is dedicated to the success of each of our customers.

All of our outside sales people are trained professionals; and have years of experience in the sales and service of construction equipment and supplies. We all drive pickup trucks, which gives us the ability to tow and show every product represented by McClelland Marketing.

The inside sales department at McClelland Marketing assists in answering any question or solving any problem a customer might have. You will always hear a live voice when you call our office during normal business hours.

We take great pride in the fact that since 1983 our company has built its reputation on a high level of service to our customers–unmatched by any of our competition.


Our manufacturers provide the very finest products in the industry. They not only produce high quality products, but they also have the after sales support required to be a leader, in each of their respective industries.


Working out of a two-car garage, two entrepreneur partners started McClelland Marketing in 1983 covering Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. In 1986 we moved into a 6,000 square foot office and warehouse located in High Ridge, Missouri. The company began to grow in the areas of warehousing and sales training at this facility. We have grown to be the largest agency in the Midwest with five outside salespeople and three inside sales coordinators. 2001 brought an opportunity of expansion through the acquistion of an established rep agency in Minneapolis. This now expanded our territory to Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. In 2005 due to the expansive growth of our company we moved into a 12,100 square foot facility also located in High Ridge, Missouri. We invite anyone that is in the area to visit us at any time.


Our goal is to succeed by expanding the opportunities and profitability of our dealers through education while also developing good, working partnerships with them. We understand the business of our customers—when they succeed, we succeed.